If You Thought France’s Burkini Ban Was Completely Unfair, Good News: the Court Agrees.

​There have been plenty of dress codes that have left us feeling slightly confused, but when burkinis — aka a modest swimsuit style worn by many Muslim women — were banned from French beaches, we were downright offended. Back in July, the ordinance made headlines after Cannes mayor David Lisnard put it into place, describing the full-body suit as a “symbol of Islamic extremism” that could potentially “create risks of trouble to public order .” Now, France’s highest administrative court, the Conseil d’État, is stepping in, overturning the ban and stating that it goes against “fundamental freedoms.”

While it’s easy to understand why France is on high alert since the horrific attacks in Nice , telling people what they can and cannot wear — and then making women remove their clothes in public — is far from a solution. We’re so happy this issue was finally resolved.

Scroll through for a better look at burkinis, which would have cost beachgoers around $43 in fines if caught wearing them.


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