Some of The Most Hilarious Reasons for Break Up

  • Love is a many splendored thing, and also pretty fickle. But if you’re going to spend your time with someone, you do have to have certain standards. One Redditor asked users their most “interesting” reasons for breaking up with someone, and the answers he got were hilarious…and a little concerning. The Chive compiled a list of the “best” ones…
    • I asked him to bring a bottle of red wine to go with the dinner, and he brought Raspberry arbor mix
    • She wore the same perfume as my mother does
    • When she watches movies on DVD she doesn’t forward through the commercials
    • He smelled like Maple syrup always
    • She eats her sharwarma in less than 2 mins.
    • Every time we (French) kissed she says, yummy, instead of sexy.
    • I asked her to boil the eggs and she used the pot instead of the kettle
    • She use to press the toothpaste from the middle of the tube
    • He loves watching football a lot
    • He talks so much about family
    • She wears funky shades a lot and I don’t fancy it
    • “A girl once broke up with me because one night she had to pay for one of her own drinks. Her first, I think. I can’t remember why, but I do remember paying the rest the night. Next day? Bam. Broke up with me. ‘Do you know how unattractive it is to have to pay for for my own drink?’ Drink. Not drink s . Couldn’t believe it. Obviously a huge loss.” –
    •  “A guy once broke up with me a few days before Valentine’s Day, so that on Valentine’s Day, his present to me would be us getting back together.” -kirbyshadow
    • “I know someone that broke up with a girl because she was too short for him. He is not tall by any means, just average height, but the act of bending down a little bit to kiss her was way too bothersome.” – Onions69
    • “My friend once dumped a girl because she misused hyphens.” -baby_fart
    • “I broke up with a guy because he bought my dog a toy. I thought he was moving too fast.” -creativename123456

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